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Thanks for coming back. Sorry that we’ve been silent for so long, but our website got hacked and we wanted to make absolutely sure that it was safe before we came back online. Once again, we’re sorry for the delay, but glad you’re back.
I recently posted a rant about some negative feedback I received about not being serious enough about my cancer, but then last weekend we had our annual neighborhood block party and a good neighbor and friend said, “That’s funny. I thought you were being a bit too maudlin.”  The lesson I took away from that is that you can’t please everyone. All I can do is be honest and let you know what I’m feeling on any given day. Some days it’s going to be up and some days I am going to allow myself to feel down. However, the important point is that I know that my attitude and feelings, whatever they happen to be on a given day are a conscious choice. There are days when I feel as strong as an iron pillar and then there are times when I feel frightened and vulnerable, but I always remind myself that it’s all choice, and when I get tired of the “pity party” I CAN choose to get over it and feel “better”. It’s not always easy, but I do know that the decision is ultimately up to me.
Having said that, I want to thank all my loyal blog-followers from around the world. I truly do appreciate your words of support and the occasional kick-in-the-ass. So here’s where we stand right now. I have an appointment for surgery for September 30th, where they will go in and robotically remove my prostate…actually, I’m not sure the surgeon will physically be in the same room…ah the miracles of technology. Until they get under the bonnet, they can’t actually make any hard predictions, but at the moment it all looks good for a full and complete recovery.
Since I’m probably going to be drugged into my boxer shorts I don’t think I’ll be blogging for a few days afterward, but I will have my daughter, Jennifer post updates as they become available. As soon as I can sit upright at my desk, I plan to resume bothering you with these posts…after all, what else am I going to do for the two weeks I have to have a tube up my Willie?
Once again, thanks for your support and friendship…even if it does come in the form of a boot in the ass!
Have an intentionally great day…and please take the time to tell someone important to you that you love them.

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  1. Ellen Weisner Robare September 16, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    HEY! I WAS KIDDING!! But yeah, I mean, you hadn’t even made one prostate joke, come on. LOL

  2. Ellen Weisner Robare September 16, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    HEY! I WAS KIDDING!! But yeah, I mean, you hadn’t even made one prostate joke, come on. LOL

    • Ellen,
      Yes, I knew you were kidding and I didn’t take offense. In fact, your comment gave me pause for thought and I appreciated the feedback, facetious or not.
      Hey, I have to blog about something and I thought your anecdote provided a good focus regarding the point I was trying to make this morning.
      Sorry if I offended you; it was purely unintentional.
      Still friends?

    • BTW; I don’t know any prostate jokes, but I’m open to suggestions.!

      • Boonjorn July 12, 2014 at 7:36 pm

        Thanks for a helpful artlice. This was healing for me to read even 3 years after my husband’s death, 5 years after his diagnosis. We truly learn something new every day.Thanks for all you do!Best,Supa@freshwidow[]

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