The Time of our Lives

If your life is even remotely like mine then you are an extremely busy person. I am in the extraordinarily rare position of having three ‘other-focused’ jobs that allow me to spend my days indulging my passion for working with troubled teens, my evenings are spent in my private practice working with clients to help [...]

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The Future Just isn't What it Used to Be

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the nature of time. As a certified sci-fi geek and as a former nuclear missile launch officer, I’m on more than speaking terms with physics and I also try to stay up with current theories and developments in the field. Recently, an [...]

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Your Most Precious Resource

The following is a blog from Nathan Thomas, on his website Keys to the Mind. I think Nathan makes his point brilliantly, so I’ll save my commentary for the end. Here’s what Nathan has to say: So let’s say, that I handed you a bank card today. When I gave it to you, I told [...]

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National Be Late for Something Day

Yesterday, September 5, 2013, was National Be Late for Something Day. That’s why, in honor of that holiday, I’m posting this blog today. Actually, I have a fixation with punctuality, almost to an obsession. I think it stems from the years I spent as an ICBM Missile Crew Commander. When you’re dealing with nuclear weapons [...]

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