Postpartum Problems

Welcome back my dear Hypnolings, Today I wanted to discuss a very serious and widespread issue which has a tendency to sucker-punch so many vulnerable and unsuspecting women AND men. These issues sneak up on so many new parents and it turns what should be one of the happiest events in their lives into a [...]

What is Depression?

Depression: A Primer Thanks for coming back this morning. Yesterday, in light of the Robin Williams tragedy, we looked at some of the warning signs of suicide and some action steps you can take if you’re concerned that someone you know may be thinking of harming themselves. Over the next few days I would like [...]

Depression: A Primer

 Depression: A Primer Depression seems to have become a national epidemic. The media are constantly giving us stories about depression and trying to sell us pills, potions and nostrums to treat it. In fact, if you go turn on your television right now, I’m willing to wager that you won’t be able to go a [...]