Enlightenment and Other Pleasant Pastimes

Let’s agree that everyone experiences stress and tension in everyday life, but especially in the work environment. What would you say if I gave you a tool that would help make you a more effective leader, follower and just plain ‘Getting it Done Human Being”? The first tool I am going to recommend (and then [...]

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The Silence Within

Let’s face it, we live in an indifferent, if not hostile universe. Time flows and the stars and planets follow their orbits heedless of our very existence. On our own planet we face a regular tide of natural and manmade disasters. Our short lives are filled with a continuous and seemingly random series of joys, [...]

Listening for your Answers. Seeing your Miracles

I need to begin this post by stating that I do not believe in God. Having said that I also need to state that I don't not believe in God. I think of myself as a born again, radical, fundamentalist Agnostic; I don't know and if you're honest, you don't either. That's not to say [...]

Easy Techniques to Take Control of Stress

Have stress, anxiety and tension in your life? If you honestly answer ‘no,’ please let me know where your cave is located, because I might want to sub-let for a couple of weeks this summer. For the rest of us stress is simply a fact of life. Not all stress is a bad thing though. [...]