What Can Hypnotheapy do for Me?

The other day we answered the question “Why Hypnosis” by examining the basic methods of hypnosis and why it’s so effective; and it IS effective. By addressing issues directly in the subconscious, a qualified clinical hypnotherapist can help the client effectively rewrite the ‘operating system’ their mental computer us running, thereby rewriting their thinking and [...]

Transcending the Ordinary

The Transcendence of the Ordinary The other day I was listening to an interview on the radio (I have an hour commute each way for my day job, so I end up listening to quite a bit of radio), and one of the interviewees used the phrase, “the transcendence of the ordinary” to describe the [...]

Are You Happy? How Do You Know?

I've been writing these blogs for a while and some mornings they become a form of therapy for me rather than a soapbox to orate to the public. This morning is going to be one of those therapeutic exercises. Last week I had a new client come to my office for his initial consultation, clinical [...]

The Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Music

The 17th Century English playwright William Congreve is often quoted (and more often misquoted) as saying, "Music has charms to soothe the savage breast, to soften rocks or bend a knotted oak." Today, this is usually taken as a quaint platitude, but several recent research studies seem to prove that Old Bill was more correct than he knew. An [...]

What My Clients Say

For the past couple of years I have been talking to you about the benefits of hypnotherapy and how it can change your life. Today I thought I would share some words from one of my clients (Karen) on how it changed hers. This was only edited for length: I was having severe sleep issues [...]

I'm Fweeking Out! I'm Sewious!

(The above quote is from my niece Allie from when she was about four years old. She is now a beautiful and highly accomplished woman, but I have always loved that quote and I still use it often.) One on the nearly universal themes I hear from my clients when I conduct my initial intake [...]

Reality, What a Concept

I hope you'll forgive me if I do some philosophical rambling this morning. As I said in a couple of private group Facebook posts, I had the great luxury of being able to spend our Independence Day weekend lounging by my sister's pool doing nothing but reading and thinking (as well as acquiring a wickedly [...]

What? Me Worry?

Anyone who has ever read a Mad magazine will immediately recognize the title of today's blog as the personal motto of Alfred E. Newman, Mad's cover child. This philosophy of life must work for him, because in the 50+ years the magazine has been in existence, you would be hard pressed to ever find a picture [...]

You Are Feeling Very Sleepy…

A frequent theme I see in posts on Facebook lately is people complaining that they either can't fall asleep or stay asleep and they are understandably, and rightly distressed by that fact. Sleep is one of the basic human needs, every bit as important as food, shelter, clothing, air and water. if we go for [...]

The Power of Clinical Hypnosis…and the Handshake Orgasm

Yesterday, I had the honor of guest lecturing at Western Michigan University's School of Social Work for a group of undergrads. I have a good friend who is an adjunct instructor there and she invites me in once every semester to give a talk and demonstration on clinical hypnosis. Before I had even stepped foot [...]