Teaching Those Who Know it All

Greetings Hypolings. Welcome back to another installment of random anecdotes, recollections, and parables, unashamedly intended to manipulate you off your butt and get you back into the thick of the game. Because, when it comes to your life, this is it; you don’t get a dress rehearsal. Yesterday was a holiday for many in the [...]

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The Beauty of Brokenness

Hypnosis is an amazingly powerful and effective tool. In fact, the Yahoo search I just ran returned 11,500,000 hits for “Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy”, so in the face of that amount of evidence, I think even the most ardent skeptic would have to admit that when we say “Sleep,” something powerful happens. As amazing and effective [...]

Why I Use Hypnosis

It’s no secret that hypnosis and hypnotherapy are passions for me. In fact, people often ask me if I ever think about slowing down or retiring and I always reply, “It has taken me two complete careers before I became a therapist and now that I’ve found my calling and my special niche, I can’t [...]

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Intuition: It's Not Just for Psychics Anymore

“The intuitive mine is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein – In my hypnotherapy practice one of the things I specialize in is helping people overcome anxiety and their irrational fear of … well [...]

5 Ways Hypnosis Can Help You Climb The Corporate Ladder

Although I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor and provide a wide array of services to my clients, including talk therapy, I'm known primarily as a clinical hypnotherapist. I use hypnotherapy as my primary intervention technique with most clients, because after 40 years of experience, I've found that I can get results with my clients in only a [...]

We Have a New Service!

I regularly get emails from readers who say that they would love to work with me, either in hypnotherapy or counseling, but because of geographical distance or physical limitations, they’re unable to come to my office. So now though the miracle of modern technology, I am happy to announce that all my services are available [...]

Change Your Thinking; Change Your Truth

When things don’t go your way and the world seems to have a special ‘stiffy’ with your name on it, how do you react, or more importantly, what do you tell yourself about your situation? Do you walk around and tell yourself, “I’m not good enough,” or “I’m depressed,” or I’m broken?” When we’re getting [...]

Sunshine or Shadow, Revisited

Today I would like to revisit a blog that I originally posted on March 7, 2013: Sunshine or Shadow?  I love to collect quotations and have since high school. Back then I had a literature teacher who required us to keep a notebook, and write down quotes that we came across in our readings that [...]

What Can Hypnotheapy do for Me?

The other day we answered the question “Why Hypnosis” by examining the basic methods of hypnosis and why it’s so effective; and it IS effective. By addressing issues directly in the subconscious, a qualified clinical hypnotherapist can help the client effectively rewrite the ‘operating system’ their mental computer us running, thereby rewriting their thinking and [...]

Why Hypnosis?

As a blog that’s ostensibly about hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy, I haven’t devoted a lot of space to those topics in quite a while. The reason for this is that as a licensed mental health therapist, I see a wide range of clients with a wide range of issues. While my passion and preferred clinical [...]