The Liberating Power of Forgiveness

Let’s face it, no matter how squared-away you may be in most areas of your life, I am willing to wager that deep down you harbor one or two special hurts or negative memories that you continue to carry like a cask of precious jewels. You hate how the memory makes you feel, but you [...]

Covering Your Ass

A good friend from high school sent me this post in an email last week (thanks Jeffery Cole.). It speaks to a number of topics we’ve covered here during the past few weeks such as forgiveness, acceptance, perseverance and peace.vv You might think you have the message halfway through, but keep reading to the end [...]

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Forgiveness; the Best Revenge

Ever had someone do you wrong? What did you do? Did you shake it off and say, “That’s their problem” or did/do you carry the memory and hurt of that incident around with you like a steamer trunk filled with bricks? Chances are you did or are still doing some form of the latter. Now, [...]

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A Better Way to Apologize

We all have times in our lives when we realize that we made a mistake that hurt or offended someone and (hopefully) we want to acknowledge our transgression, apologize and ask for forgiveness. Other times people call us out for being a jerk and expect an apology. I’ve written about apologies in the past; how [...]

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Freedom through Forgiveness

In yesterday’s blog I discussed some ways of putting down the emotional baggage left over from the recent Thanksgiving holiday. One of the most important steps in this process is forgiveness, but I find that it’s also one of the hardest and most misunderstood steps in the healing process. Therefore, today I’d like to spend [...]

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Cleaning Up the Post-Thanksgiving Emotional Mess

Welcome back to my blog. I intended to take a couple of days off last week to get ready for our Thanksgiving holiday and for several reasons it ended up being a mostly silent week. In my defense, we had family coming into town for the holiday and that required a lot of preparation; cleaning [...]

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