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Greetings Hypnolings and welcome to another installment in Rich Dama’s Blog 3.0. I apologize for the spotty posting schedule this past two weeks. My wife underwent a medical procedure which occupied a lot of time caring for her, and as the Director of a large juvenile detention and treatment center, we are in the midst of contract negotiations, so life has been even more frenetic than usual.

Today, like almost every day, I want to address the topic of choice.

In the USA we are in the midst of a national Congressional election, this one occurring midway through the current president’s term. This means that the election is as much a referendum on the current administration as it is about the local candidate. Interesting times.

In case you have just emerged from a cave or a coma, the past two years have been ones of unprecedented contentiousness in American politics with the country divided to a degree I haven’t seen since the 1960’s. This is one of the few elections in our lives when the outcome has the potential to shape the direction of our society for generations to come.

Now here’s the pitch. I don’t care for whom you vote. Of course, I have a preference, but as a retired military officer, I have spent a third of my life protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States, including your right to choose your elected leadership.

Regardless if you think the country is being led by visionaries or buffoons, now is the time for you to get of the sofa, go to your local polling place and MAKE A CHOICE. Remember, if you don’t vote, you are going to get the government OTHER people think you need, not necessarily the one you want. So, it’s in your best interests to exercise your rights under the Constitution and vote.

Life is also very much like the election. You may not be very happy with where your life is right now or where it seems to be heading, but you still always have a choice. In fact, your life right now is the sum total of all the choices you have made before. Don’t like the way things are? Then perhaps it’s time to vote in another set of choices.

The point is that when it comes to life, you can sit on the sidelines and get pelted by random crap from the crowd, or you can get off the bench and actively participate in the game. You may not win, but you will have the satisfaction of a life/game well played.

Vote or not, actively participate in your life or not, because

The Choice is Always Yours.

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