Physical Activity, Hypnosis and Weight Loss

Physical Activity, Hypnosis and Weight Loss

We’re all told that the key to weight loss and effective long-term weight management doesn’t so much have to do with limiting calories, but increasing physical activity. It’s kind of intuitive, but is there actually empirical evidence in support of this claim? It may be surprising, but it actually took some digging for me to find a rigorously (no pun intended) conducted, randomized study. Here’s what they found.


Wilfley and Brownell (1994) found that regular exercise was the best predictor of long term weight maintenance. They found that although dieting and exercise can both lead to weight loss that continuing to exercise and taking part in regular physical activity was more likely to stop people from regaining weight than diet alone.


So how does it work?


  • You burn calories when you exercise
  • You don’t lose lean muscle mass
  •  It may suppress appetite
  •  It counters metabolic decline caused by dieting
  •  Exercise may have positive psychological effects

OK, so we all know exercise is good and is even better if significant and permanent weight loss is your goal, but how do you motivate yourself to lace up those running shoes or hit the gym every day? A quick trip to the book store will show you that an entire section of books have been written on the subject, but they all have one thread in common; the motivation to stick with an exercise program has to come from within. That’s where hypnosis can help.


With the help of a qualified hypnotherapist, you can instill that motivation into the subconscious. In just a few sessions you can reprogram your automatic thinking to not only pull you to the gym, but to actually get you to enjoy and even crave physical activity. Once you begin and start seeing results, success helps reinforce the experience and leads to more success.


So, put on the sweats…or spandex and visit your friendly neighborhood certified hypnotherapist…then go to the gym. What have you got to lose but the pounds?

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