It's All so Clear Now!

I came across the following quote regarding the theory of Reciprocal Attraction or “Karma” and thought it was too good (and funny) not to share. It comes form the novella Fallen Angel by John Ling; an action/adventure, espionage, thriller, shoot-em-up set in New Zeeland of all places.
Anyway, it’s short and is one of the best explanations of why leading a mindful, accepting, intentionally compassionate life is its own reward. I hope you find it interesting and amusing:
“Have you ever heard of the concept of ‘samsara?'”
‘No. Can’t say I have.
“It’s the cycle of karma. Cause and effect. We’re destined to keep making mistake after mistake until we reach spiritual maturity. Only then are we able to start redeeming ourselves. And it all starts with acceptance. Letting go. Because, hey, beating yourself up over what could have – what should have been – is absolutely the wrong way to look at your journey. In fact, everything that’s happened has led you here. Geared you up for this moment. And that’s why you find yourself at the precipice of change.”
Kendra nodded slowly. “I think I get what you’re trying to say.”
“Do you?”
“We have to keep fucking up until we learn how to do what’s right.”
“In a nutshell….”
Here’s wishing you an intentionally great and serene day.

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