The Hamster Wheel of Happiness

Greetings Friends, Welcome back to the second installment of the Blog 3.0 If two installments are indicative of a trend, then I’m truly back). I’ve had the idea for this installment since Easter and I knew it would have to be one of the first blogs to hit the Net once I got back into [...]

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123 Proven Ways to Reduce Stress and Relax, a Review

As I am writing this, it is Memorial Day in the States and this traditionally signals the start of summer. Now, I am probably the biggest fan of summer alive in the world today but, to be absolutely honest, summer has a whole set of stress inducing circumstances that if left unchecked could make even [...]

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OK, Straighten UP; I’m Back!

Hello my Hypnolings and Welcome Back Hey Gang, Welcome back to any and all who didn’t get around to deleting your like and are now reading this. To those who chose to come back of their own accord, I am very grateful (I’m still going to count the spoons). The biggest welcome to all the [...]

Unf***ing Your Life

This morning I would like to address a couple of topics that seem to have some people confused. I’m speaking to the difference between Awakening and Enlightenment and, perhaps more importantly, the difference between Visualization and Manifestation. Let’s deal with the easiest one first. I have Awakened but I am not Enlightened. The truth is [...]

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The Person Behind the Camera

Today I’d like to speak to the importance of being mindful of our actions and always acting with the intention of sharing kindness and compassion. The accompanying photograph is a prime example of this in action. The picture is (literally) of my bride and myself arriving in Rome, Italy, for our honeymoon. We had just [...]

A Therapist and His Wife

An actual exchange between my wife and me yesterday afternoon: Susan: You work too hard. Me: What makes you say that? Susan: Because you need to get our more. Me: Ok, but what prompts you to make that observation? Susan: Because you're Italian and are usually dark in the winter. It's June and you look [...]

Personal Choice and Personal Responsibility for a Better Life

Today, I’d like to talk about freedom. Freedom to think, say, read and be whatever you want. However, with freedom also comes great responsibility. When we speak of freedom what we’re actually talking about is the ability to make choices. As I’ve said many times before, we cannot exercise freedom and make our personal choices [...]