Resloved: To Lose Weight. Science Shows Hypnotherapy is One of Your Best Methods

Happy New Year! I’ll assume since you’re reading this that you survived the New Year’s festivities relatively unscathed…or at least made bond, and are ready to start tackling your New Year’s resolutions. As I said in Wednesday’s blog, the two most popular resolutions are the stop smoking and to lose weight. We already discussed how [...]

Erectile Dysfunction: A Personal Journey and First in a Series

Erectile Dysfunction: A Personal Journey Over the next few days, I’d like to spend some time talking about an issue that affects a great many men. For some, it’s an occasional problem caused my fatigue or too many drinks, for others it’s a chronic condition that affects their lives and relationships on a regular basis. [...]

Physical Activity, Hypnosis and Weight Loss

Physical Activity, Hypnosis and Weight Loss We’re all told that the key to weight loss and effective long-term weight management doesn’t so much have to do with limiting calories, but increasing physical activity. It’s kind of intuitive, but is there actually empirical evidence in support of this claim? It may be surprising, but it actually [...]

Treating Obesity: Hypnotherapy

Treating Obesity: Hypnotherapy Welcome back to the fifth and final post on treating obesity. So far this week, we have looked at the causes, dangers and costs of obesity. We have also delved into the most widespread treatment options such as traditional diet and exercise, drugs and bariatric surgery. Today we’ll spend some time looking [...]

Treating Obesity: Bariatric Surgery

Treating Obesity: Bariatric Surgery Welcome to the fourth installment of this week’s series examining the causes, dangers, costs and treatments for obesity. So far we have discussed why people develop obesity, as well as some of the more popular dietary and drug treatments. Today we’ll look at surgical interventions. As we have seen in previous [...]

Treating Obesity: Diets and Eating Programs

Treating Obesity: Diets and Eating Programs  As we discussed yesterday, obesity has become an epidemic health threat, not only in the US but around the world. The global phenomenon of more sedentary lifestyles and increased availability of food have reversed the formula of eating less and exercising more necessary to maintain a healthy weight. Therefore, [...]

Obesity: A Weighty Subject (First in a Series)

Obesity (First in a Series) In case you haven’t listened to any media in the past several years, or paid any attention to the people you pass on the streets, you may not be aware that obesity is a problem of epidemic proportion in the United States. According to the National Institutes of Health, 60% [...]