Welcome back friends, Today I would like to share an incident that occurred this past weekend which shows that when you actually try living by some of the precepts I have been advocating, you begin to find reinforcement and support in some of the most unlikely places. Between my day job as a juvenile center [...]

This One's Straight from the Heart

Last week I posted that I was in the middle of writing an epic essay that would explain the mystery of Life the Universe and Everything (apologies to Doug Adams.) I spent four days writing, rewriting, editing and writing some more and when I was done? I hit delete. It was all crap. I realized [...]

Stop and Smell the Pooh

A classmate from high school posted the following link on Facebook yesterday and I found myself reading and rereading it at least a dozen times. I hope you find the lessons on love, friendship, and loyalty as comforting and inspirational as did I: Your childhood is calling; it has some wisdom to share! Sometimes, when [...]

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Dare to Fail

Failure sucks! Rejection hurts and we often take it as a reflection of our self-worth and potential; how could we not? When you really put yourself out there and try to achieve something and wind up falling on your face, and you more often than not take it personally. And you know? That’s not always [...]

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Have you ever set a goal for yourself and started out to achieve it full of enthusiasm and determination? Sure, we all have, but I’m willing to wager that in many cases you started to experience push-back from others or the universe in general. You probably took a step back, evaluated the situation and tried [...]

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Mistakes: Fatal Flaws or Learning Opportunities?

Mistakes: On Opportunity for Growth Ok, so you made a mistake; welcome to the human race. We all make mistakes; they’re a part of live and learning. The problem really isn’t making mistakes; it’s making the same mistake over and over, because we haven’t learned our lesson the first time. I can’t tell you how [...]

Todays' Quotes: The Wit and Wisdom of Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was arguably one of the greatest minds and personalities of the 20th Century. He was a soldier, scholar, author, politician and statesman (yes there is a huge difference), curmudgeon and wit. This week we're going to spend some time with the wit and wisdom of Old Winnie. To each there comes in their lifetime a special [...]

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One of the Best Pranks Ever, Especially on Fathers Day

When I was a much younger and single man, and years before I even knew my beautiful bride Susan even existed, I had the well earned reputation of being an accomplished womanizer. In fact one colleague warned another to keep an eye on his sister when I was around because, "Dama would jump on a [...]

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Today's Quotes: 10/20/13: Adversity

I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders. - Jewish Proverb -   Adversity is like a strong wind.  It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are. - Arthur Golden -   Damaged people are dangerous.  They know [...]

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