Life, Virginity and Integrity

I have come to realize that there are three fundamental things with which we are issued at birth; kind of like your first day in the military. After the initial issue, it’s largely up to us to decide how long and how willingly we will carry them. I am referring to your life itself, your [...]

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The Wisdom of Experience

If you’ve spent any time looking at my Facebook page, you’ll have noticed that I frequently repost items from Terry Schott. Terry is one of my favorite authors and we think so much alike that sometimes it’s scary. Today, Terry reposted an item from Pat Divilly that I think is so right on target with [...]

Achievement or Success?

The other day I read a great blog from a man who usually hits it right on the head, Clifford Mee, at Cliff – Street Hypnosis. Cliff tells the story of an annual four day meeting of multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and businessmen who call themselves “The Gathering of Titans.” Now, you might expect that these busy [...]