Life, Virginity and Integrity

I have come to realize that there are three fundamental things with which we are issued at birth; kind of like your first day in the military. After the initial issue, it’s largely up to us to decide how long and how willingly we will carry them. I am referring to your life itself, your [...]

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The Time of our Lives

If your life is even remotely like mine then you are an extremely busy person. I am in the extraordinarily rare position of having three ‘other-focused’ jobs that allow me to spend my days indulging my passion for working with troubled teens, my evenings are spent in my private practice working with clients to help [...]

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The Blogs are Back!!! The Case for a Legacy

Welcome to my Blog. For those of you returning after the hiatus, welcome back! For those of you who are new to the Blog 3.0, welcome friends, and get ready for some fun, mixed with, hopefully helpful advice and insights. I always hope to energize my readers to engage in a dialogue with me/us on [...]

Inadvertent Lessons from My Old Man

Welcome back. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a number of essays already written and on the shelf ready for distribution, but I also keep getting great ideas for new posts. My plan is to write the works that present themselves at the time and save the reserves for when inspiration escapes me. Here’s one [...]

Sarcasm, It's Actually Good For You!

This may come as a surprise to many of you, but in the interest of full disclosure I need to tell you that I am an incurable an unapologetic smart-ass. I mean, who knew; right? As long as I can remember, I have always had a smart-assed comment or reply for practically everything and everyone. [...]

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Some Garlic for Your Emotional Vampire

Have you ever been in a relationship, be it friendship, romantic connection, parent-child, work, etc., and felt that you’re the one who is doing all giving and heavy lifting? Have you ever found yourself doing something that you really didn’t want to do but, did it anyway because you felt obligated or guilty? Have you [...]

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This One's Straight from the Heart

Last week I posted that I was in the middle of writing an epic essay that would explain the mystery of Life the Universe and Everything (apologies to Doug Adams.) I spent four days writing, rewriting, editing and writing some more and when I was done? I hit delete. It was all crap. I realized [...]

Stop and Smell the Pooh

A classmate from high school posted the following link on Facebook yesterday and I found myself reading and rereading it at least a dozen times. I hope you find the lessons on love, friendship, and loyalty as comforting and inspirational as did I: Your childhood is calling; it has some wisdom to share! Sometimes, when [...]

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A Better Way to Apologize

We all have times in our lives when we realize that we made a mistake that hurt or offended someone and (hopefully) we want to acknowledge our transgression, apologize and ask for forgiveness. Other times people call us out for being a jerk and expect an apology. I’ve written about apologies in the past; how [...]

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