Grief, Laughter and Healing

Greetings my dear Hypnolings, I suppose my prolonged silence qualifies this as Rich’s Blog 3.1, but we ’ll call the past few weeks ‘research’ and give ourselves the benefit of the doubt. If the English theologian John Ray is correct and ‘The road to Hell is paved with good intentions,” that makes me a highway [...]

The Beauty of Brokenness

Hypnosis is an amazingly powerful and effective tool. In fact, the Yahoo search I just ran returned 11,500,000 hits for “Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy”, so in the face of that amount of evidence, I think even the most ardent skeptic would have to admit that when we say “Sleep,” something powerful happens. As amazing and effective [...]

The Rituals of Death as an Affirmation of Life

This past Saturday I had occasion to attend the funeral of Leo Balcer, the father of one of my childhood friends. This was a full Roman Catholic affair held at the local cathedral and was complete with an honor guard from the Knights of Columbus. I refer to myself as a ‘Recovering Catholic’ and it [...]

Mindfulness, Loss and Acceptance

The following short post from Without Fear, There is no Courage speaks volumes about how precious every moment and the people who are in it truly are; the pain of loss and the courage to allow acceptance into our lives: The power of emotional connections between human beings is quite an extraordinary thing.  It's the [...]

The Hypnotic Empty Chair Technique

There are number of practitioners who regularly read this blog and today’s posting is aimed primarily at them, although everyone is welcome to stay and read it as I’m sure you’ll get something out of it too. I would be very interested in any feedback from my hypnotherapy colleagues on the technique I’m going to [...]

When Relationships End

Breaking Up is Hard to Do People seek counseling, especially for the first time, for a wide variety of reasons. Perhaps someone close to them suggested they get help; other people look to counseling to help them cope with an event or issue they are finding overwhelming or difficult to resolve. A very common reason [...]