Postpartum Problems

Welcome back my dear Hypnolings, Today I wanted to discuss a very serious and widespread issue which has a tendency to sucker-punch so many vulnerable and unsuspecting women AND men. These issues sneak up on so many new parents and it turns what should be one of the happiest events in their lives into a [...]

Grief, Laughter and Healing

Greetings my dear Hypnolings, I suppose my prolonged silence qualifies this as Rich’s Blog 3.1, but we ’ll call the past few weeks ‘research’ and give ourselves the benefit of the doubt. If the English theologian John Ray is correct and ‘The road to Hell is paved with good intentions,” that makes me a highway [...]

The Beauty of Brokenness

Hypnosis is an amazingly powerful and effective tool. In fact, the Yahoo search I just ran returned 11,500,000 hits for “Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy”, so in the face of that amount of evidence, I think even the most ardent skeptic would have to admit that when we say “Sleep,” something powerful happens. As amazing and effective [...]

The Liberating Power of Forgiveness

Let’s face it, no matter how squared-away you may be in most areas of your life, I am willing to wager that deep down you harbor one or two special hurts or negative memories that you continue to carry like a cask of precious jewels. You hate how the memory makes you feel, but you [...]


Welcome back friends, Today I would like to share an incident that occurred this past weekend which shows that when you actually try living by some of the precepts I have been advocating, you begin to find reinforcement and support in some of the most unlikely places. Between my day job as a juvenile center [...]

Helpful Things to Say to Someone with Depression

We all get the blues. Sometimes it can be blamed on simple things like the weather, we don’t feel physically well, or we just got up on the wrong side of the bed. Sometimes the blues come from suffering a loss, experiencing a big disappointment, or realizing we made a major public ass of ourselves [...]

It's a SAD Season (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Not only are many people battling the pressures and emotional challenges of the holidays, a significant number of people are also dealing with another psychological stressor. The days are still getting shorter (have heart, the Winter Solstice is only a few days away on December 21st), and what daylight we do get is often grey [...]

9 Ways to Stop Worrying and Enjoy the Season

Tis the season…for stress, anxiety, obsessive thinking and worry. Over the years I’ve discovered that there are basically two types of mental states during the holiday season; those who immerse themselves in the holiday spirit, go with the flow and enjoy themselves; and those who are emotional wrecks. (This reminds me of one of my [...]

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How to Live a Miserable Life: A Step-By-Step Guide

Have you ever heard the saying, “Happiness is a state of mind?” This adage may seem self –evident, but scratch the surface and I think you find another layer of truth. The fact is happiness and a consistently happy frame of mind depends on our self-talk; what we tell ourselves in our own heads determines [...]

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Feeling SAD…Seasonal Affective Disorder

It’s that time of year again when the hour of daylight get shorter, the drives seem to get longer and many people just feel ‘blah.’ If you find yourself with a case of the blues every autumn and winter, chances are that you’re experiencing a form of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder. In yesterday’s blog [...]