Hypnotherapy and Cancer Treatment

It’s been a while since I posted about Clinical Hypnotherapy (CH) as not only a vehicle for mental health treatment but, also as a powerful adjunct therapy for many other conditions…including cancer. I’ve had several inquiries this week about the efficacy of CH as an aid in overcoming some of the more unpleasant side-effects of [...]

A One-Year Cancerversary

Today is my one year cancerversary. Last July (2013) I had a doctor say the words that I think everyone dreads ever hearing, “You have cancer.” I was diagnosed with an aggressive, stage II prostate cancer and my wife, doctor and I immediately decided that the best option was surgery to remove the affected organ. [...]

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Erectile Dysfunction: A Personal Journey and First in a Series

Erectile Dysfunction: A Personal Journey Over the next few days, I’d like to spend some time talking about an issue that affects a great many men. For some, it’s an occasional problem caused my fatigue or too many drinks, for others it’s a chronic condition that affects their lives and relationships on a regular basis. [...]

Don't Take Your Life for Granted

Last week I wrote a blog about living in the moment and actually savoring every experience no matter how seemingly trivial. I was speaking from personal experience and last night that message was unexpectedly reinforced in the strongest terms. The story begins last August  (most of you have heard this and are probably getting sick [...]

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Pre-Operative Counseling and Lab Testing, or Institutional Idiocy On Parade

Glad I took the day off for my appointments today, because I'm still trying to figure out what the hell went on. First Susan and I got to meet a very nice Nurse Practitioner who took a comprehensive medical history....this I can understand. However, then she had me drop my trousers, bend over and she [...]

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We're Back on the Blogosphere!

Thanks for coming back. Sorry that we’ve been silent for so long, but our website got hacked and we wanted to make absolutely sure that it was safe before we came back online. Once again, we’re sorry for the delay, but glad you’re back. I recently posted a rant about some negative feedback I received [...]

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When a Therapist Needs to Talk

When a Therapist Needs to Talk: Regular readers of this blog know that I spend a lot of time discussing therapy in its many forms. We’ve discussed some of the most popular schools of psychology, the process of therapy and we’ve even looked at particular techniques and interventions. Through this process, I hope I have [...]

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