Treatment Options for Depression: Part 2

Welcome and thanks for coming back for part 2 of our discussion of Treatment Options for Depression. The recent, apparent suicide of Robin Williams has generated a lot of interest and discussion regarding depression and what can be done about it. Yesterday we looked at the current mainstream treatment protocols for depression and today we’ll [...]

Treatment Options for Depression: Part 1

Treatment Options for Depression In light of the apparent suicide of Robin Williams, the media have been devoting a huge amount of space to the issue of suicide and depression. If you have been a follower of my blog, then you know that we've been discussing these issues for the past few years. While a [...]

What is Depression?

Depression: A Primer Thanks for coming back this morning. Yesterday, in light of the Robin Williams tragedy, we looked at some of the warning signs of suicide and some action steps you can take if you’re concerned that someone you know may be thinking of harming themselves. Over the next few days I would like [...]

Depression: Treatment and Options (Part One)

Depression: Treatments and Options 1 Welcome back. Yesterday we took a look at depression; what it is, its presentation, symptoms, and the several most common types of depression. Over the next two days I’d like to discuss the most common types of treatment for depression. As we saw yesterday, depression comes in several different varieties, [...]