Postpartum Problems

Welcome back my dear Hypnolings, Today I wanted to discuss a very serious and widespread issue which has a tendency to sucker-punch so many vulnerable and unsuspecting women AND men. These issues sneak up on so many new parents and it turns what should be one of the happiest events in their lives into a [...]

Treatment Options for Depression: Part 2

Welcome and thanks for coming back for part 2 of our discussion of Treatment Options for Depression. The recent, apparent suicide of Robin Williams has generated a lot of interest and discussion regarding depression and what can be done about it. Yesterday we looked at the current mainstream treatment protocols for depression and today we’ll [...]

Treatment Options for Depression: Part 1

Treatment Options for Depression In light of the apparent suicide of Robin Williams, the media have been devoting a huge amount of space to the issue of suicide and depression. If you have been a follower of my blog, then you know that we've been discussing these issues for the past few years. While a [...]

What is Depression?

Depression: A Primer Thanks for coming back this morning. Yesterday, in light of the Robin Williams tragedy, we looked at some of the warning signs of suicide and some action steps you can take if you’re concerned that someone you know may be thinking of harming themselves. Over the next few days I would like [...]

Robin Williams' Depression and Suicide; Preventable Tragedies

Unless you live in a cave, by now you must have heard that a great talent, Robin Williams, died yesterday, most probably from suicide. At the time I went to bed last night there weren’t a lot of details except for a press release stating that Mr. Williams died after suffering from a long bout [...]

New and Unusual Treatments for Depression

Depression is a serious mental condition, frequently requiring intense therapy and medical treatment (more than half of my clients suffer from some level of depression). However, recent research also shows that there are some unconventional treatments that can have a strong, positive (albeit, in most cases short-lived) effect on depression. Following are some of these [...]

How Not to Cheer Up a Depressed Person

At some point or other, we will all find ourselves in the position of trying to help a friend or family member who is experiencing a major depressive episode. While most people try to be supportive and offer encouraging advice, a recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology finds that most common [...]