Achievement or Success?

The other day I read a great blog from a man who usually hits it right on the head, Clifford Mee, at Cliff – Street Hypnosis. Cliff tells the story of an annual four day meeting of multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and businessmen who call themselves “The Gathering of Titans.” Now, you might expect that these busy people gather to share secrets regarding how to grow their companies and make more money, but you’d be wrong. The meeting’s main focus is help these people bring meaning and focus to their lives.
Cliff shares one anecdote:
 One guest speaker took to the stage and asked the group:
“How many of you have achieved your financial goals?”
About 80% of the hands shot up.
Then the guest speaker asked them:
“How many of you feel successful?”
Nearly all the hands dropped.
Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for making money. As an old adage goes, “Money can’t buy happiness, but poverty can’t buy squat.” But, as we see above, money is actually a measure of Achievement not Success; otherwise all those hands would have stayed in the air.
Cliff makes the point and I agree that the difference between Achievement and Success is the degree to which our actions make a positive difference in the world and in the lives of others. That’s what gets me springing out of bed in the morning; another opportunity to make a difference in the lives of delinquent and at risk kids by day, and the chance to use my counseling and hypnosis skills to help troubled adults at night.
So, my question to all my Successful non multi-millionaire brethren is, “What difference are you going to make in the world today?”
Have an intentionally great and successful day.

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