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Today’s essay is going to be short, at least that’s what I’m planning right now. Let’s see if my fingers cooperate.
Since I have had my shift in consciousness I have absolutely confirmed something I have been saying for years: our lives, right now are exactly as they must be and cannot possibly be any other way. The fact is that the outward manifestation of your life is the sum total of all the choices you have ever made AND the intentions of the mind. You see, we create our own reality through our thoughts and choices.
An example of this is an experiment a colleague ran at NYU. His team staged a very public and loud mugging in a city park. His team then went in and interviewed 10 random individuals who ‘witnessed’ the mugging. Can you guess what they found? Yep, 10 completely different versions; complete with 7 significantly different physical descriptions.
For each of these people, their experience IS their reality. They absolutely believe they saw what they think they saw, regardless of what actually happened. Even after they were shown video of the actual incident, more than half the participants dismissed the video as fake, rather than change their perception of reality.
Another example is when I went to a local big-box office supply store to pick up a printing order. I do a fair amount of business there, so many of the staff know me by name. I went in on Friday to check on an order and the clerk told me the order would be ready Saturday afternoon, then he said, “Mr. Dama, you’re always smiling like you have a secret. How come you’re always so happy?”
I told him that I’m happy because I choose to be. I intentionally count my blessings and ignore the curses. Once you make up your mind that you and the world are going to work together instead of fighting each other, everything else just falls into place.
Clerk: Must be nice. Someday maybe.
That was waving a red cape in front of a bull. “Why are you going to wait for someday? Why don’t you do it right now? You only get one life and you’re pissing it away pinning your hopes on the future. Take control of the Right Now and quit feeling sorry for yourself.”
Clerk: (Maybe I should call for backup?)
Me: Look, you’re working tomorrow, so humor me for 24 hours. I know you don’t feel like it, but I want you to smile and keep the smile on your face until it hurts and then smile some more. You’re going to hate it at first and you’re going to feel fake and foolish, but keep smiling…just to piss ‘em off. Tell me tomorrow how you feel then.”
When I walked in the next afternoon I saw the clerk taking care of another customer, but the clerk was smiling a genuine smile (the kind that goes all the way to the eyes and then spills over). When it was my turn, the kid smiled the most beautiful smile and said, “You were right; I felt like a complete fool for the first two hours and then I forgot I was pretending and I actually became happy. Thank you!”
As Hamlet observed “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
Don’t like your current reality? Change it. Step back and determine what you don’t like about your current state of affairs. Then, clearly imagine the way you want it instead…then start acting like it’s already yours. Initiate actions based on the premise that you are in control and the master of your own fate…and suddenly you’ll find out that you are.
Here’s hoping you have an intentionally great and joyful day.

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