123 Proven Ways to Reduce Stress and Relax, a Review

As I am writing this, it is Memorial Day in the States and this traditionally signals the start of summer. Now, I am probably the biggest fan of summer alive in the world today but, to be absolutely honest, summer has a whole set of stress inducing circumstances that if left unchecked could make even Saint Francis want to kick a puppy.

The fact is that in summer the ‘expectation’ is that we are freer (at least from the heavy layers of clothes), happier and more care free. However, aside from the roads being slightly dryer and not having to shovel your way to the mailbox in sub-zero temps, we are still faced with as many, if not more, stressors than we experience through the winter months (with the possible exception of the Western Holiday Season). The fact is that social pressure almost guarantees that unless we run through a field of wild-flowers in slow motion our summer was a failure.

Summer is an extremely hectic and stress inducing time. The kids are out of school (even if you don’t own any, go to a mall for an hour and you’ll see what I mean), the hours of sunlight seem nearly endless and even the evenings promise the opportunity to accomplish so much more.

With all these additional opportunities for action, adventure and accomplishment, also come, often unrealized opportunities for stress, tension and negative self-talk; all of which we have seen in previous posts, can absolutely screw up an otherwise beautiful life.

Not to worry however, old Major Rich has not just one, but 123 different ideas you can use to beat stress and relax. The suggestions are taken from an exceptionally well researched and written article by Emma, and posted on Health Grinder (https://healthgrinder.com/ways-to-reduce-stress/).

Rather than just throw the reader an unwieldly list of helpful suggestions, Emma has organized her recommendations into 12 major subheadings which make finding what you are actually looking for easy, and makes browsing for ideas fun.

As much as I enjoy Emma’s article and as exactly-on-target as her suggestions are, space, time are such that I simply cannot discuss them all in detail here. Suffice, that I give you the grand overview and you can navigate to what you need at that particular moment.

Also, please note that I am committing a cardinal Blogger sin by linking an entire article and website to my own site and blog (I spent all this energy trying to get you here, why would I want to direct you elsewhere?) but, Emma’s article and suggestions are too good not to share.

Emma’s main headings are:

  1. Fun Time & Leisure
    1. Pick up a good book and read
    2. Listen to music
    3. Have an actual conversation with another actual person without any screens in sight…or you can just…
    4. Have Sex
  2. Lifestyle & Attitude Changes
    1. Stop being a perfectionist
    2. Practice gratitude
    3. Embrace change (it’s really the only thing you can truly count on).
  3. How Relationships Help Fight Stress
    1. Reach out or call a friend
    2. Find a support group
    3. Give someone a helping hand
  4. Physical Activity and Stress
    1. Just Dance
    2. Get some sunshine
    3. Get moving; any activity will do.
  5. Taking Time Out
    1. Stop checking your emails.
    2. Go to the pool and just float
    3. Take a nap
  6. Relaxation Techniques
    1. Mindfulness
    2. Meditation
    3. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The rest of the subheadings are too numerous to mention in this limited space, but well worth the time to check them out.

  1. Turn to Your Spiritual Side
  2. Vitamins & Minerals for Stress
  3. Supplements that Help with Stress
  4. Food for Stress
  5. What to Drink for Stress Relief
  6. Medication

Well friends, here’s hoping you have an intentionally great and relaxing summer.


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